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Understanding Your Dog's World Through Their SensesUnderstanding Your Dog's World Through Their Senses Entering the sensory world of our dogs offers a fascinating glimpse into how they perceive their surroundings. Dogs experience life quite differently from humans, and their senses –...
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Essential Dog Training Equipment for Successful Training

Essential Dog Training Equipment for Every Owner As every artist needs a palette, every dog owner requires the right dog training equipment to embark ...

The Ultimate Guide to Dog Training in Germany: Expert Tips and Tricks

Understanding Dog Training in Germany When embarking on the journey of dog training in Germany, you're not just teaching your dog new commands, but al...

Surviving the Season: Managing Male Dog Stress During Female Heat and Tips for Responsible Ownership

Understanding Male Dog Stress During Female Heat Most dog owners are well-acquainted with the hormonal cycles of dogs, but not all are aware of the i...

Male Dog vs. Female Dog: Which Is Right for You?

Understanding the Differences: Male Dog vs Female Dog When deciding between a male dog vs female dog, it's imperative to understand that both can pro...

Bad Dreams and Wagging Tails: Understanding Canine Sleep Patterns

Understanding Your Dog's Sleep Cycle Just like humans, our dogs go through various stages of sleep, from light dozing to deep slumber. Understanding ...

Detecting Illness in Dogs: What to Watch For

Recognising the Signs: Is Your Dog Unwell? As dog owners, it is crucial to be vigilant and perceptive when it comes to the health of our canine compa...

Dogs and Science - The Dog Blog
Welcome to Dogs and Science - The Dog Blog: Unleashing our love for dogs!

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You've landed at Dogs and Science – The Dog Blog, an exciting corner of our Dogs and Science universe.

Dogs and Science: Connecting canine science and society

At Dogs and Science, canine science - the science around dogs, is the core. Dogs and Science is created by canine scientists, and it is the place where our love for dogs and our love for science converges. While our overarching 'Dogs and Science' entity is known for its scientific rigour and evidence-based knowledge on dogs, The Dog Blog follows a different trail.

The Dog Blog: Celebrating the canine world

The Dog Blog is a celebration, not a scientific discourse. This is where our journey takes a delightful detour from the scientific path. It's a space where dog enthusiasts can explore, enjoy, and engage with a variety of dog-centric topics, all shared with our genuine love for dogs. So, while you'll find a wealth of content here that is based on our extensive professional experience with dogs and supported by innovative, cutting-edge AI technology, remember, it is not a resource for science-based guidance.

Looking for science-based insights on dogs?

For those seeking a deeper, scientific understanding of dogs, including their behaviour and training grounded in empirical evidence, we warmly invite you to visit our Dogs and Science website. There, our dedication to rigorous research and our commitment to put science into practice, providing practical, science-informed dog behaviour counselling and training services continues.

Enjoy exploring our blog, engaging with our content, and sharing your insights and experiences with us – become an integral part of our dog-loving community.

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Dogs and Science - The World of Canine Science: Discover.Understand.Apply.

The Dogs and Science Trinity is our core. We undertake rigorous research, translate complex findings from canine science into accessible content for anybody, and apply these insights to practical online dog behaviour counselling and training services.

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